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Bronze Bushing | Cusn8 Stock Size 12*14*15 DZA Bushing

Herkunftsort: Buchsen-Hersteller
Zertifizierung: Bushing Standard Met:MBZ, B09 or MBZ B09
Modellnummer: BK-090, BRM10, COB-090, MBZ-B09, PRM, PRMF, SERIE SBA, SERIE SBB, WB700, WF-WB 700
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Preis: Sliding Bronze Bearing Dimensions Tolerance,Stock Price
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meterial: Bronze CuSn8, CuSn6.5 Typ: 090 U. 092 BRONZEbüsche
Merkmal: Hohe Last Schmierung: Öl-Schmierung
Qualität: Soem-Qualität Anwendung: Landwirtschaftlich, Maschinen, usw. aufbauend und ausführen

oil embedded sleeve bearing


graphite sleeve bearings



092 bronze sintered bronze bushing wrapped bearing with holes gleitlager | VSB-22




DZA Bushing Stock Size 12*14*15


092 bronze bushing with holes It is suitable for high load, lower speed application like construction, Transport, and agriculture machinery.092 is deriving from 090; the difference between 090 & 092 is Indentations on working surface, which substituted by Through-holes. Theses holes will allow greater capacity to collect lubricant, which build up a lubrication film at the start of movement and reduce the frication.

Bronze Bushing 092 Chemical Composition

Part No Material Cu Sn P Pb Zn
092 CuSn8 91.3% 8.5% 0.2% / /


Bearings are thin-walled, rolled CuSn8 parts provided with depots for use with lubricants. They feature high-load capacity enabling compact, high-performing, low-maintenance bearing locations.



There are three basic variants:

as variant with rolled-in diamond-shaped lubrication recesses. This type is primarily designed to cope with cases where surrounding construction elements such as gear wheels are oil lubricated. Equally suitable are commercially available, pumpable greases or pastes.

also has lubrication recesses. However, these are filled with a solid lubricant, thus permitting operation without additional lubrication.


If greater demands are made on grease supply, with end-to-end lubrication holes would be the type to use. This variant is less suitable for oil lubrication due to its design.



Cusn8 Bronze Bushings DZA CuSn8 Sintered Brass Bushing for sale – Wrapped Bronze

090 and 092 bronze bushes are made from phosphorous bronze.These types of bushes, both cylindrical and flanged, are
cut from bronze sheets with a thickness between 1 and 2.5 mm. The main features of 090 and 092 bronze bushes are: high load capacity, high thermal conductivity and good resistance against bumps and oscillations.


Composition is same as VSB -090, but with holes to collect the lubricant instead of indentations.



090 and 092 bronze bushes are very easy to mount in various applications, thanks to their minimal bulk. In addition to being easy to mount, this type of bush is set apart by its excellent sliding capacity and simplified lubrication (long lubrication intervals).




We are offering Precision Bushes and Washers in Phosphorus Bronze, Gun Metal, Aluminium Bronze, High Tensile Brass in various grades.

We manufacture these parts as per the Drawing / Samples provided by the customers. We can also design the parts as per the requirements of the customers.



Typical application:




Agricultural machinery, hydraulic systems, bearings for impact loading and shock stress applications, construction machinery, bearings used in handling and conveyor technology and many more.


It widely applied in hoisting machines and other construction machines, automobiles, tractor, trucks, machines tools and some mineral engines.


090 and 092 bronze bushes can be used in different applications, for example:

  •  lifting equipment and platform lifts;
  • machine tools;
  • automobiles;
  • tractors;
  • trucks;
  •  etc.



Bronze Bushing | Cusn8 Stock Size 12*14*15 DZA Bushing 0
Bronze Wrapped Bearing with holoes (092 CYLINDRICAL BUSHES )


Bronze Bushes and Oil Pockets 090 & 092 BRONZE BUSHES 

CuSn8P Wrapped Bronze Bearing Diamond Or Ball Shape Oil Sockets

Composition of Bronze Bushing 092 and standard oil hole

092 Oil Indentations/Holes

Bronze Bushing | Cusn8 Stock Size 12*14*15 DZA Bushing 1


Dynamic load limit 60N/mm²
ompostions  CuSn8P0.3 or CuSn6.5P0.1
PV limit  2.8N/mm²*m/s
HardnessHB 90~120
Speed limit 2.5m/s
Temp.limit 200°C


Bronze Bushing | Cusn8 Stock Size 12*14*15 DZA Bushing 2


VSB-22 CuSn8P Wrapped Bearings

Special technical features

The internal surface of 090 and 092 bronze bushes can be supplied with spherical pockets
(spherical cap pockets) or with diamond shaped pockets (lozenge cap pockets). The VIIPLUS range also includes a series of entirely bronze bushes, originating from the 090 series, with the difference being that the spherical and lozenge pockets on the sliding surface are replaced by through-holes (092 type), therefore with greater lubrication capacity and high resistance against chemical agents.


Bronze Bushing | Cusn8 Stock Size 12*14*15 DZA Bushing 3

SIZE 090 Bronze wrapped bushing


Bushings,Lubricated Bearings,Composite Bearings,Metal Bearings,Compressor Bearings,Metal-polymer,Filament Wound,Plain Bearings,Flange Bearings,Polymer Bearings,Flange Bushings,Pump Bearings,Flanged Bushes,Thrust Plates,Industrial Bearings

Bronze Bushing | Cusn8 Stock Size 12*14*15 DZA Bushing 4

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